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Sand painting art gift business for companies in the USA

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Sand painting art gift business for companies in the USA

Post by tuanqn235 on 7/6/2018, 3:14 pm

Your company is looking for partners to make sand paintings gift business customers, end-of-year employees or anniversary, stimulus ... Please refer to sand samples as unique business gifts and ideas. The meaning is drawn by the artists in PHUONG VY SAND PAINTING. We have many beautiful sand prints with Logo, brand name of your business to promote the brand very effectively.

PHUONG VY's sand painting is sure to be a very new, unique and meaningful business gift that your company can choose for your customers and staff at the end of this year.

Sand painting is created from skillful hands of artisans, especially create many different models to meet the most difficult customers. PHUONG VY sand paintings with available sand pictures such as portraits, sand artsand landscapes, calligraphy sand painting and sand painting made according to the customer's image requirements. If designed to add your company's logo or brand name to it, it will become a beautiful, unique and meaningful business gift. That is not to mention the effectiveness of branding very well for your business.

Customers are companies in USA can directly through the showroom of PHUONG VY SAND PAINTING 10681 Gardengrove blvd, Gardengrove ca 92843. USA. To see the sample before making his decision.
Why should you choose to face the business as a business gift for your company?
- Firstly, PHUONG VY SAND PAINTING CO., LTD is directly responsible for designing and producing business gifts samples. We do it directly, not through intermediaries. This enables us to meet the unique requirements of each customer and reduce costs, reducing product cost.

Secondly, we can meet all the requirements of the number of orders as business gifts for companies in USA and VIETNAM, with the fastest implementation time.

Phuong Vy Painting Company Limited No. 10681 Gardengrove blvd, Gardengrove ca 92843. USA. Here we have showroom display sand painting for customers reference. This will give our customers more confidence in our capabilities, as well as the ability to view models, discuss issues directly, reduce transportation and travel costs, and carry out product warranty.

Opening hours: 7am - 10pm all days of the week.
Address: 10681 Gardengrove blvd, Gardengrove ca 92843. USA
Website: www.phuongvysandpainting.com
Facebook: facebook.com/phuongvysandpainting
Tel : (+1480) 277 7316
Skype: tranhcatphuongvy009
Email: thuyvan@tranhcatphuongvy.vn
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